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Welcome to the world of Redonkulous Entertainment, a 9-Person Team from Atlantic City NJ, that specializes in all forms of entertainment- including (but not limited to)- Independently Creating/Publishing a variety of comic books, Operating a Successful Clothing Line (Redonkulous Wear), and creating various skits/artistic endeavors via their YouTube channel.

The team has mostly known each other since childhood, starting with its 2 founding members, writers, Kevin Martin and Lavar Queen. In 1991, while attending New Jersey Ave School, these two childhood friends started coming up with comic book characters and gathering story ideas that would be suitable for those characters. In the process, they created the character of “Bloodmoon,” a Highly- Specialized Bounty Hunter for the Top-Secret M.A.V.E.N. Unit. The material that came from the imagination of those two youngsters over 30 years ago was perfected, edited, and then re-edited over time. Through the years, the boys attended both Central Junior High and Atlantic City High School, meeting Nigel Frasier, Tanya Fields, Ryan Ross, and Courtney Jackson along the way. Believing in their dream to make it in the comic book world, Nigel came in as a Concept Designer; Courtney and Tanya, as Business/Marketing Administrators; and Ryan as a writer.

Now all the team needed was a Lead Artist/Illustrator to bring their creations to life. Enter, Efrain Arana III, and his business partner, James Brown- writer/editor. Efrain and James already had their own comic book universe, and were looking for an outlet to go about getting their projects released. From there, the 8 friends joined forces, forming an LLC partnership, and becoming an official business as of May 2016. They have since brought in Art/Design Intern, 20-year Old, Mikayla Foreman, who they first met from participating at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, in 2016.

In that time, the team has since released a variety of comic books including, M.A.V.E.N. Bloodmoon Issues 1, 2, & 3; Charge; M.A.V.E.N. Arrowshot, and Knight-Owl. The team has also presented at various Comic Book Conventions along the East Coast, launched a successful clothing line (Redonkulous Wear) in Feb 2020, and has expanded their online presence with various entertainment and artistic projects via their YouTube Channel.

The company’s message is simple: “Anyone Can Be Redonkulous.” Being Redonkulous means being fiercely proud to be who you are, no matter if it is different from the status quo. The team aims to let the world know that no matter what obstacles life can throw at you, if you stick to your goal, and focus on it relentlessly, anything is possible.

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